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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sail Away Party on the Disney Dream

Five Disney cruises and five Sail Away parties—we haven’t missed one yet which was evident on our most recent cruise on board the Disney Dream.

The Sail Away Deck Party is scheduled on the afternoon/early evening the ship leaves the port and is usually after the mandatory safety drill.

We enjoy the Sail Away parties from the deck above the pool, in this case, Deck 12.  Crew members pass out colorful mini-pompons to wave during the party and to keep as a memento.

You can see your favorite Disney characters at the Sail Away Party as well as be introduced to the crew.  The Captain even says hello from the Bridge.

There were two other ships in port that day and they both sailed before our ship.  I was imagining the sail away celebration being help on their ships compared to ours!

It can be windy on the deck for the party and since the sun is going down—depending on what time of year you sail—it can get chilly.  Be prepared and then revel in the fact that you are sailing off to a tropical destination. 
That's US on the Funnel Vision during the Sail Away Party!
And US again!  Taking a picture of a picture. . . not easy!

The best part of the Sail Away Party is when the guests and crew count backwards only to hear the infamous Disney Dream horn and to see and feel the ship pull away from dock and start its journey.  Magical!

Being a part of the Sail Away Party puts a celebratory stint on the beginning of your cruise which is why we wouldn’t miss it!   Check your Personal Navigator for exact times—click here to read more about Navigators.

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