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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, February 22, 2013

Plans For Walt Disney World Vacation Are Shaping Up

Our boy and Goofy's boy--Max

Plans for our next magical Disney vacation are getting into shape.  This week we added another dining reservation to our plans for late breakfast at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.  While I want to say I’m done making ADR’s, I don’t think I am and have one more in mind—Rainforest Café.  Now, to decide if we will eat there while at Downtown Disney or make plans for dinner on our day we tour Animal Kingdom.  A Disney dilemma!

Also this week took care of a park-n-fly hotel stay at our departing city.  The husband prefers staying at Embassy Suites, not for the room, but for the nightly Manager’s Reception.  I enjoy the free breakfast with made to order omelets.  And, the boy enjoys the pool, elevators, the space in our room, and the omelets.  You should see him place his order!  I called both the hotel directly and central reservations to get the best price and made sure to ask for a AAA rate.  We did get a great rate and between free breakfast, the Manager’s Reception, and parking the car there for almost two weeks, we will come out ahead.  Did I say that the shuttle to and from the airport is free?
Our new shirts--Monster University is being released in June!
The Disney shirts we ordered arrived this week, too, from Disneystore.com.  While they were normally almost $20 each, the site had a sale of $15 each when purchasing 2 or more and over President’s Day week-end an additional 25% code was available.  I went to Ebates.com first and got “Cash Back” for my purchase.  Bargain!  The shirts are ready to be packed.

More things checked off on the “list” include the pet sitter and person to mow our lawn while we are away.  Check and check!

I told the husband the other day that this was the first time I had planned a trip in less than 6 months which is something I never envisioned myself doing, but it definitely can be done.  I’m sure many others plan trips with even shorter windows of time successfully.  And, speaking of shorter time windows, we also plan to have this trip paid in full almost four months prior due to a special offer through AAA, our travel agency.  The offer provides a cash back incentive for meeting the deadline of the offer.  More savings!

The anticipation and excitement continues to build!

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