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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Passing Up Magic Kingdom On Our Next Trip to Walt Disney World

For some, Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom are synonymous.  Guests will say they went to Walt Disney World when what they really mean is they went to the Magic Kingdom—you know, the park with Cinderella’s Castle.  And, some feel that a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t complete without a trip to the Magic Kingdom.  We do not fall into that category.

Don’t get me wrong, we like Magic Kingdom, enjoy it even.  We know our way around and have favorite rides, shows, and attractions.  We’ve eaten at most of the counter service locations and several table service locations.  It just isn’t our favorite park and even less so now with the Fantasyland Expansion construction.

Magic Kingdom is the most visited of any Disney park which means crowds almost all of the time.  We have been in the park just after a heavy rain once and it was nearly empty.  Otherwise, expect crowds.  A Cast Member at Hollywood Studios told us a large crowd day for them is a slow day at the Magic Kingdom.  One reason for the crowds is in the first sentence of this post—people think that by going to the Magic Kingdom they have been to Walt Disney World!  The Magic Kingdom gets day guests from around Central Florida and both coasts.  And, in our opinion, it is the park that has the most difficult time handling the crowds or so it seems.

Our plan is to wait a bit before returning to the Magic Kingdom.  We won’t be visiting the Magic Kingdom during our next trip to Walt Disney World.  Disney fans may find this blasphemous.  Our take is that we will be looking forward to a visit even more if we wait a bit, especially with more of the Fantasyland Expansion being finished.

If you are wondering what park is our favorite, it is Hollywood Studios with EPCOT a close 2nd.  Usually, those two parks vie for our favorite park spot and run neck and neck, but for different reasons.

What park at Walt Disney World is your favorite?

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  1. Wow, when I visit Dsneyland or World I have a hard time tearing myself away from the magic kingdom to go elsewhere! For me, that's where thr magic is. Maybe it goes back to my first trip to Disneyland when that's all there was.

    Another funny note... Hollywood studios is my least favourite park by Disney. Funny how different everyone's perspective is eh?