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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disney Cruise is Paid In Full--Our Vacation is Getting Closer!

Whew!  We have now paid in full our 5th Disney cruise!  And, almost a week early as the deadline for us as Silver Castaway Club Members was 90 days prior to the cruise—if we wanted to reserve our excursions at that time.  Otherwise, we actually had until 75 days prior to pay in full, but can’t book our excursions until the cruise is paid in full.

As if we weren’t excited before, this juncture has ramped up the excitement a bit.  The husband said he dreamt that he was in our stateroom being rocked to sleep twice last week!  The boy had a version of BBQ chicken pizza for dinner the other night that I had found in the frozen pizza section at the grocery store.  He thought it was okay, but it just wasn’t the same as he would find on the Disney Dream.

Our dinner conversation the other night was about the cruise we would book while on-board.  We are hopeful for a 7 night voyage on the Disney Fantasy the summer of 2014.  Our discussion became more about which stateroom to reserve.  Did we want to have the same stateroom again—that we would have had twice on the Dream—click here to read more—as the Dream and the Fantasy are laid out similarly, or another stateroom?  The husband voted for the same stateroom, if it is available.

While I agree that the same category of stateroom is wanted, I would like to try out the other side of the ship.  At that point, we would have sailed 5 times on the Port Side, or left side, of the ship.  The view is great, but I want to check out the view from the Starboard Side of the ship.  Well, if we sail on the Fantasy on the Port Side, it means we will have sailed on every Disney ship on the Port Side so we will just have to sail on every Disney ship on the Starboard.  Admirable goal, don’t you think?

Someone asked me what my favorite part was of a Disney cruise.  The question rendered me speechless.  It was so hard to pick out just one thing in an immersive, superlative experience.  I would have to say watching my family enjoy and savoring the small moments—character interactions, exquisite service, coming into our room each night anticipating the towel animal that will be on our bed.  After that, my favorites would be the anticipation and the planning;  knowing that with each small step we are closer to a marvelous Disney Cruise Line experience.

So, the countdown continues for our next Disney vacation!

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