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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, July 23, 2012

Budgeting For Souvenirs

The husband with his favorite Princess!

The budget for our next trip is pretty much set.  I phoned our travel agent last week to double check due dates, total amounts due, and to add on Disney transfers to get us from the airport to the port and from the port to our Disney resort.  Note:  While Disney’s Magical Express which takes guests round trip airport/Disney resort is free, Disney transfers to/from the port are $70 per person.  For a party of 2 or less, the Disney transfers are more economical than a car service. A party of 3 is a toss up in terms of price, but Disney transfers are more convenient.

Other budget items include our overnight stay at the Hyatt, tips—for luggage handling, on the ship, dining while at Walt Disney World, and “mousekeeping”, gas for our drive, airport parking, any dining while on the road—we will most likely pack a cooler and we have a voucher for a free breakfast at the Hyatt, animal sitting while we are gone, snow removal during our absence, and souvenirs.

Souvenirs.  This is the category I have the most difficult time determining a specific budget. 

The boy is easy.  He’ll have $50 to spend for the length of the trip plus any other money he saves from his allowance, birthday, etc.  The husband and I usually hang on to his money and let him know how much he has left.  Spending on the ship is minimal for him.  The shops have Disney themed items including pirate gear, Cars, etc.  Since we bring those types of items along with us there’s no need or desire to purchase.  His most tempting items are plushies, vinylmation, or trading pins. At Walt Disney World it is all about Legos at the Lego Store at Downtown Disney.  He would rather spend the entire amount in this one location.  Fine by me, but let me get out my Lego Club VIP Card before making a purchase!

For the husband, souvenirs means pins; Disney trading pins.  Either to collect or trade or both.  Typically, he’ll have a pre-loaded Visa with a specific amount, say $200, and some expectations for purchases that contribute to the good of the group, like budgeting for any airport food purchases.  Most likely he will give into a request from the boy for the purchase of a toy and he usually comes home with money left on the card.

I, too, will have a pre-paid Visa with a specific amount.  So, what’s on my list for souvenirs?  Photos!  The plan is to pre-purchase the Photopass CD, which is an expense before our trip, and then the photo CD on the ship.  Our AAA member benefit for the cruise is a photo package.  I plan to check and see if this can be rolled over into a credit to purchase the CD and then pay the difference.  Then, I’ll most likely buy a photo package, too, for half price, as any photo purchases are half after purchasing the photo CD. 

Christmas ornaments to commemorate our trip will be on the list.  Most likely one from the ship and one from the World.  Since resort specific merchandise is now more readily available, it would be great to get a Coronado Springs Resort ornament.  Click here to read more about what we collect.

Art will also be on the list.  Again, a piece of art from the ship, possibly with the Captain’s autograph—click here to read about the Captain’s Signing Event.  And, a piece of art to commemorate our Walt Disney World stay.

One pin, maybe two.  Another way to commemorate our vacation.

Accessories.  Something I can wear to give me a Disney fix on any given day.  This may mean a watch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, or scarf.  I love getting my Mickey on!

A 2013 calendar!  It is actually on the top of my list.

Anything else will be for other people.  A little bit of Disney to take home a share with others.  Unless of course, I find a terrific bargain of some sort!

What’s on your souvenir list?

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