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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, July 28, 2012

An E-Mail Reminder For Upcoming Disney Cruise

A personalized e-mail from Disney Cruise Line hit my inbox the other day.  The greeting assured me that magic on the high seas was coming soon in the form of our 5th Disney cruise and our second aboard the beautiful Disney Dream.

The e-mail contained important information such as our reservation number, sail date, Castaway Club number and level, and date that we could begin reserving shore excursions if our cruise was paid in full by that date.

Depending on Castaway Club level—silver, gold, or platinum—guests have various paid in full dates and ability to reserve shore excursions.  The higher the level—platinum—the further out the paid in full day—120 days from the cruise—and therefore the first chance to make reservations for shore excursions, spa appointments, and Palo or Remy dining reservations. Gold Castaway Club level members have the ability to reserve ship services at 105 days before their cruise if the trip is paid in full and Silver level members booking window opens at 90 days before the sail date.  New cruisers are able to make reservations for shore excursions, etc. at 75 days prior to sailing.  All cruises, excluding suite or concierge reservations, must be paid in full 75 days in advance.

Our plan includes having the cruise paid in full prior to the 90 day mark.  And, I have previously been at the computer at 11:00 pm central ready to log-in to the Disney Cruise Line web-site to reserve our shore excursions on day 91, as the reservations go live at midnight eastern.

Completing the on-line reservation for the cruise is easy, as most information is pre-loaded on the reservation such as passport numbers, birthdays, etc.  I recall having to enter that info for our first cruise, though.  In addition to reserving shore excursions, I also make sure the boy is registered for the kids club on-board.  The registration will ask for a secret word to use when dropping him off and picking him up at the club for security purposes—this is in addition to the electronic bracelet given to kids at their initial check-in at the club.  I am also able to denote any important information on the on-line form such as fears, allergies, etc. 

For this trip, deciding on shore excursions are the difficult decisions—if any decisions regarding a Disney cruise could actually be classified as difficult!

Our itinerary includes two stops at Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas.  Ah, paradise!  We decided that we would like to rent floats and bicycles while at Castaway Cay.  We’ve done both before.  There is a way to reserve these rentals as a part of the shore excursion reservations and deals can be found by bundling the rental for both days.  Savings! 

No parasailing this time—click here to read more—or Castaway Cay Stingray Adventure—click here to read more.  Just fun and relaxation on a pristine island paradise.

The itinerary also includes a stop in Nassau.  We’ve been to Nassau twice before and I thought we had this figured out already and were going back to Blue Lagoon for a day at the beach.  But now, we’re wavering. 

We have lots of choices, too many maybe.  One option is to stay on the ship.  This would give us the illusion of another “at sea” day and we could do whatever we wanted on the ship.  The boy could have more time in the club with the interactive play floor and everything else, as this is his last cruise that he can be in the Oceaneers Club.

Another option is to go to Blue Lagoon for the beach day.  The boy wants to return to the floating, inflatable slides and trampolines.  Click here to read about our time at Blue Lagoon.

And, yet another option is to go to Atlantis and the water park; a wish list item for the boy.  This is a pricey option, very pricey.

I’m going to get out my PassPorter’s Disney Cruise Line Guide and do some more research.  Thankfully, we have some time before we decide.  But it was great to receive the e-mail letting me know exactly how much more time.

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