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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Week of Frugal Family Fun

The Money Saving Moms web-site offered the challenge for frugal family fun.  Well, we got in a week of frugal family fun!

It started week-end before last as we took in multiple performances of the latest OCP production “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”  The musical is funny and the songs stick in your head.  We are all still humming the melodies and the boy has made parodies of the songs.  Now, we took in the performances for free because the husband was in the show and I was manning the sound booth, so the boy was a tag-a-long—but still fun!

On Monday evening, the Scout troop hiked a local area. Cost, other than the initial registration fee for Scouts—Free!  The husband took the camera and captured some great photos.

Tuesday, our local library hosted a clown performance—Dizzy The Clown.  The performance was free and afterwards, the boy checked out books at the library.  The library also has an awesome summer reading program that offers various prizes, such as free personal pan pizzas, zoo passes, Iowa Cubs tickets, free books, etc.  All for free!

Wednesday evening, we headed to the local Municipal Band concert.  Our community boasts the longest playing municipal band in the state, as the band didn’t stop playing during one of the World Wars.  Concerts are offered weekly through the months of June and July and we take advantage of—free!

Friday night, we crewed for the Hot Air Balloon Races—click here to read more—and had a evening of free fun followed by fireworks.

On Sunday, we stopped by the Healthy Family Festival in a local park.  The boy got to play a new video game along with some other games for prizes including water bottles and toothbrushes.  While there were some games and items that required purchases, we took advantage of the free games.  The boy also got a personal tour of a fire truck with one of our local firefighters.

And, I got to see the Gatlin Brothers perform at our local event center for free, as I volunteered to take tickets and usher guests to their seats on Sunday evening.

I was telling the husband about the frugal family fun challenge and our week of frugal family fun and he said that all it took was a bit of research.  I agree!

What are your ideas for frugal family fun?

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