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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Do You Start Packing?

When do you start packing?  When I told the husband the idea for this post, he chuckled and said, “when do you start packing or when does everyone else?”  Okay, I get his point.  I would say that responses to this question would fall into 3 categories.

Category 1, which I will refer to as the last minute packers.  They might procrastinate, feel overwhelmed by the task, or be so busy that they can’t get it done.  These folks might say that what they forget to pack they will purchase.  The husband would fall into this category and would most likely still be throwing stuff into the car when it drove off, if it weren’t for his lovely wife, that’s me.

Category 2, which I will refer to as the planned packers.  Planned packers make a list either in writing or in their head, lay items out 1-3 weeks ahead, and then place in suitcases, adding toiletries, before their trip.  They know if they need to purchase anything ahead of time, and may make one large purchase for needed items before their trip.

Category 3, which I will refer to as the perpetually packed.  Perpetually packed folks have the suitcases ready at all times and could whisk off at a moments notice with almost everything they needed.  They look for items that might be needed or benefit a future vacation whenever they shop, which alleviates a more expensive one-time purchase.  In addition to suitcases being at the ready, perpetually packed folks may have a plastic tub or drawer dedicated to vacation items and may take advantage of services such as Owner’s Locker which provides storage and access to vacation items.  I fall into this category. 

For example, our suitcases got unpacked, Disney shirts washed, ironed, and put back in the suitcases for the next trip.  We have a drawer just for Disney vacation items.  When I announced to the husband the other day that I was going to finally unpack all the suitcases, he told me it was because I wanted to pack for our next trip.  Right he was!

I have an on-going list of potentially needed items for an upcoming trip and will look to get them at a sale price.  For example, since our next Disney vacation is a cruise on the Disney Dream, I know the boy is going to need dress slacks.  Most likely, this type of pant will go on sale after Easter and religious confirmation events are over.  I’m hopeful to snag some in the next size up and save them for our trip.  If I were in need of a special occasion dress for the cruise, I would look after prom and summer wedding season for a discounted price—before the holiday dresses become available.  Planning a trip so far in advance helps, too, as, I will look for sandals and swimsuits at the end of summer when items go on sale.  Another example is how I shop for our customized shirt sets.  On Zazzle.com, I can design a shirt at anytime and save it in my account.  Then, when a special comes up via e-mail, I can snag the great price.

So, which category of packer do you fit into?  When do you start packing?

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