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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post Trip Blues--How Do You Combat The Blues?

Post trip blues.  We’ve been home a week and a half from our most recent trip to Walt Disney World.  The magic and pixie dust are fading as the realities of real life, work, and obligations take over.

When I check in with the husband each afternoon, I eagerly ask if our Photopass CD has arrived yet.  Not yet, has been his answer every day.  We’ve had boxes and packages arrive, just not the one I’m looking for; anticipating!

So how does one combat post trip blues?

One way is to lurk around the Disney message boards for trip reports.  I often add my “two cents” when questions are posed.  Since we were just there, it makes sense that I would have some up to date information.

The Williams Family Blog is another way to continue to capture the magic.  Yet, I’m waiting for the Photopass CD to tell some of our stories and adventures.

Wearing  or using Disney apparel or accessories is another way to push away the post trip blues.  This morning, when cooking eggs for breakfast, I used my new Mickey spatula and it made me smile!

Creating photo books or scrap books can keep post trip blues at bay.  Alas, having the Photopass CD would make that a bit easier.  Still waiting. . .

The best cure-all for the post trip blues, and it works every time, is to plan another trip to Disney!  I’m on this one already.  Airfare booked.  Check.  Resort reserved.  Check.  ADR day noted.  Check.  Cruise terminal transfers planned.  Check.  Trip insurance purchased.  Check.  Pre-cruise stay booked.   Check.  Our travel agent got us a great deal for a night at the Hyatt at Orlando International before our cruise.  We got the pre-pay rate without pre-paying AND free breakfast!

I’m feeling better already.  Just thinking about another Disney vacation in our future makes me smile and my heart sing!

How do you combat post trip blues?

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