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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, December 26, 2011

One More Disney Day--Speculation About Disney's NYE Announcement

I sometimes forget that not everyone is a Disney fan like me and our family.  So the blank stares from friends and relatives were a bit of a surprise when I told them that Disney is making a big announcement New Year’s Eve during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve—if that is still the name of the show.

The internet is all a buzz as to what the announcement might be.  Disney’s theme for 2012—The Year of More Magic—has already been announced.  What else could it be?

Some speculate that the announcement will contain information about the opening of at least some of Fantasyland during its extensive refurbishment.  Maybe a firm date?  Or, maybe some of it will open the next day?  The timeframe already given was early 2012, but that would be VERY early!

Some speculate that since 2012 is a Leap Year, and the tag line for the announcement is “One More Disney Day”, that there will be a special celebration on February 29, 2012, that will include the parks being open for 24 hours.  Hmmm. . .  That time of year isn’t exactly “peak” season for travel to the parks and resorts.  This would be a one time cash layout for labor costs that would only last one day.

Others speculate that the announcement will include information about the 2013 itineraries for the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, as they have yet to be announced.  And, since Disney Cruise Line just recently announced that four of the Wonder’s Mexican Riviera itinerary sailings have been canceled for Dec. 2012—click here to read more—it would make sense to include information about the Wonder would be doing in December of 2012, too. 

I’m going out on a limb here with some guessing, speculation, and intuition. It’s the tag line for the promo/announcement that really got me thinking—One More Disney Day.  Hmmm. . . My prediction is some sort of year long special that adds on a “day” at the Disney parks for free for guests.  I shared this thought with the husband.  He told me not to “put it out there.”  I’m doing it anyway.

Cost wise, it wouldn’t cost Disney a bunch to add on an addition “free” day to park tickets.  Going from a 4 day ticket to a 5 day ticket is a minimal cost--$7 or less per person.  Disney would recoup that money with the additional overnight stay in the resorts for guests taking advantage of the special, money spent on food, souvenirs, etc.  Now, if the special includes the overnight stay with the promotion, then we are talking about some serious incentive.  But, it’s not the first time Disney has offered “buy some, get some free” type specials for park tickets and resort stays.  We’ve taken advantage of two similar offers.

You heard it, well read it, here first. 

My e-mail is set to receive the announcement directly from Disney in case I drift off to sleep.  The DVR is set to record the program, again for the reason previously mentioned.  Let’s see what all this fuss is about!

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