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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Gifts--Disney Style!

Did you know there is a new trend to display one’s holiday gifts via You Tube?  I didn’t until I was listening to a morning news show the other day.  But, I had already taken pictures, due to the husband’s suggestion, of the stash of Disney gifts that had come my way!  Take a look:

Can you believe all that Disney in one spot?  And, if I had waited a day or two, I would have added a cup from Typhoon Lagoon/Blizzard Beach and a Mickey Mouse keychain.

All of the gifts were from colleagues;  people I work with.  

The snow globe is displayed amongst my other snow globes and music boxes on a shelf in our living room.  Minnie Mouse has joined the shelf as well.  The Minnie Jammies have been worn and are so snuggly!  It was great to wear them with our flannel Disney sheets.  Toasty warm!  The Mickey clock is on display on top of our entertainment center in our living room.  The pendulum hands are pieces of Mickey—gloves, shoes, etc.  The water bottle is filled and in the fridge.  I take a refillable water bottle with me to work and you can plan on seeing this one often!

Disney gifts work the other way, too.  We have given many Disney inspired gifts over the years.  This year, the list included a Disney watch given to the boy’s teacher, a Disney throw given to friends, and photo inspired gifts—calendars, prints, etc. that came from photos taken during our summer Disney Cruise and Walt Disney World vacation.

Santa even knows about our affection for Disney and brought the boy Disney Cars 2 AppMates for the iPad, Phineas and Ferb plush toys, and Cars 2 toys.

Hope your holiday was filled with love and happiness!

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