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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Believing In Magic

It’s Christmas Eve day as I compose this post.  The spirit of the season is all around, especially with the boy.  As we prepare for family, friends, and feasting, I am peppered with questions and comments.

“When I write my letter to Santa, I’m going to ask him how he will find us next year on the ship,” proposed the boy last night.  “How will he find us, Mom?”

“Magic,” I replied.

“I know, instead of a sleigh, he’ll have a boat with dolphins.”

I thought that was pretty creative.  “Oh, so he’ll have a boat instead of a sleigh and his boat will be pulled by dolphins instead of reindeer?”

“Yes,” the boy stated confidently.  “I think I’ll draw him a picture.”

People have been warning me that the era of “believing” may be coming to an end very soon.  And, while I know that is on the horizon, I hope it goes on for a while longer.  There’s something magical about believing. . . in Santa, in the spirit of Christmas, well, in magic.

Maybe our Disney experiences have kept the magic alive—the believing.  At Disney, anything is possible—Santa appears on Main Street, it snows in the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Darth Vader appears for battle, Tinker Bell flies nightly from Cinderella’s Castle before the sky lights up with a spectacular array of fireworks, ship horns sound like melodies, Aladdin hugs your mom, Cinderella kisses your cheek, you get to be in parades, Stitch sneaks up behind you because he knows he is your favorite, birthday cupcakes with lighted candles appear on a whim, towels shaped like animals greet you regularly, your Dad stars in shows, and your parents relax and have fun because driving and luggage handling get taken care of for them!  And, these are just a few ways that Disney makes magic.

All of this and more makes me a believer too! 

And, because of that magic, the Disney Parade will be on our TV tomorrow morning while we hear “I’ve been there” or “Mom, there’s Stitch!”  I’ve queued up Disney park videos into our Netflix Instant Play queue so while I’m cooking today and tomorrow they will be playing on the iPad.  Tonight, when our boy is tucked in bed, next to his stuffed Stitch, I will wish him sweet dreams and Disney dreams.  And, I’ll let you know Santa’s reply to the question about how he will find us on the ship next Christmas.  I’m sure there will be something about magic!

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