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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Aboard, Williams Family!

Anticipation!  Anticipation for boarding Disney’s newest vessel, the Disney Dream had been encapsulating our family for weeks, maybe even months.  We were steps away from boarding—we had group boarding number 2 and would be some of the first guests on board—click here to read more, we were at Disney’s Port Terminal in Port Canaveral—click here to read more.  Yes, anticipation!  We were trying to savor the moment, the feeling.

Soon it was time.  The chimes could be heard over the intercom system.  The announcement—groups 1 and 2 could now board!  We made our way to the queue in front of the Mickey shaped doors, gave our boarding number card to a cast member collecting and checking the cards. (Glad I took a picture of it!)  Next stop, the kiosk to scan our Key to the World cards which allows the computer system to recognize that we were now on board.  Done! 

Then the requisite pre-cruise boarding photo.  The ship’s photographers had two lines going with two of the same backgrounds.  Interestingly, guests were going through the right side of the line.  We veered left and were first up for photos.  As soon as the picture was taken, we made our way to the gang plank.  Turned left, went up the incline and were greeted by a Cast Member asking our family name.

Well, why don’t you just see it all on video:

We had made it to the Disney Dream!  The cruise portion of our vacation had begun.  We stood in the three story Lobby Atrium in awe.  Deck 11 and Cabanas beckoned.

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