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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, August 5, 2011

On Our Way to the Disney Dream!

 There is a giant aquarium in the center of the food court
at Orlando International Airport.

The day had finally arrived!  We were on our way to Port Canaveral to board the Disney Dream! 

 The Cruise Line Check-in is near the Magical Express
Check-in for transport to the Walt Disney World

After a great night at the Hyatt, we got up early, checked out of the hotel, left our tagged luggage in our room, and headed to the enormous food court at Orlando International to grab some breakfast.  We got breakfast to go, as we were making our way downstairs to Level 1, B side of the airport to check in at Disney’s Magical Express Counter for transport via Disney transfers to the Port.

 The husband has our cruise book that was mailed to us
prior to our cruise and Tinker Bell bus group has been stapled
to the book to indicate which bus we will be taking to the port.

Here’s where things were different from the last time we had done this:
  • Your whole party will need to make their way to the check-in counter.  Previously, just one person from your group needed to check-in with the paperwork.  Reason being—your pre-boarding photo that will be attached to your Key to the World Card on the ship will be taken at the counter.
  • Show your passports and provide any cruise line paperwork.  All the paperwork that you did on-line, printed, and signed will be turned in at this counter.
  • Other than to grab a Personal Navigator at the port terminal or register your child for kids’ clubs and/or get the bracelet, there will be no reason to use a registration desk at the port.

 Our Group Boarding Number.  2!  It doesn't get much 
better than this!

We received our boarding ticket—Tinker Bell!  We would be on the first bus out of the airport to the port!  We had checked in about 8:15 am and would be on the bus leaving at 9:30 am. 

We also received our boarding group number card.  We were in group 2!  This means that when passengers began boarding the ship around 11:45 am, we would be in the first groups called to board! (Note:  The group number card is handed to you separately and you will need it to board the ship, so don’t lose it!)

 Having some breakfast while we wait to board our bus.
Getting breakfast to go paid off, as we will be on the 
first bus to the port.

Getting from the airport to the port was a breeze with Disney transfers.  Using Disney transfers means that you are paying Disney to transport you to and/or from the port.  You may be picked up and dropped off either at Orlando International Airport or a Walt Disney World Resort. The fee is usually $69 per person round trip.  A town car service will run about $210 (plus gratuity) for round trip airport/port and return.  For a 1-2 travelers, Disney transfers is the best way to go.  For a group of 3, it is a wash, but for groups of 4 or more, hiring a service will be more economical, but there will be other things, such as luggage handling, that would not be included.

 Here's our Disney Cruise Line bus!
Carry on luggage can go below.
I held onto my shoulder bag as it had snacks, money, etc.

Soon it was time to line up for the bus.  Have a photo ID ready to show again at this point, such as Passports.  You won’t need to show them again at the port or prior to boarding the ship, so after you have them checked one more time at this point, you can put them away.

Note:  We were using cash for our shipboard account.  We did not give the cash for our account at the bus check-in counter, or at the port registration desk.  We were told, and given a letter, to wait until we were on board.  Actually, Disney fronts your account up to $300 until you deposit cash into your account on the ship.  I’ll explain more when sharing about this when sharing our first day on board.

 We made it!  We are on the bus to the port.

We are on our way!

Happy, Happy, Happy!
Who will be the first to spy the Dream?

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  1. This is just great and so helpful to me as I (over)research for our first Disney cruise Nov 2012. I'm glad I found your blog, I enjoy your style and you share wonderful info and pics. Thanks!