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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disney Princess Gathering on the Disney Dream

Like Disney Princesses?  Know someone who likes Disney Princesses?  If either answer is yes, one way to hit the Disney Princess jackpot is to take advantage of the Princess Gathering aboard the Disney Dream.

The Princess Gathering was held 3 times during our 5 night cruise.  The first Princess Gathering, and one we attended, was on our day at sea, the second was on the day the ship was in Nassau, and the third was the day the ship was at Castaway Cay.  Ship photographers are on hand for the first two Princess Gatherings.  Guests, who attend the third, rely on their own cameras for photos.

Our Personal Navigator indicated the Princess Gathering would begin at 9:15 am in the Lobby Atrium.  The Navigator gave a time slot of 15 minutes for the Gathering, which is a bit misleading.  The Princesses are available for much longer, but if you don’t get in line during that 15 minute window, you may not get to meet them that day.

The day before, I asked a ship’s photographer where the line for the Princess Gathering would begin in the Lobby Atrium.  I needed to know this, as I had been to Gatherings on the Disney Magic, but not the Dream.  I was told the middle column on the left side of the lobby.  Got it! 

So, here’s what we did and it worked, as we were first in line for the Princess Gathering:
  • Ordered room service for breakfast.  Okay, we probably would have done this anyway, but the Princess Gathering is a great excuse.  I hung the order form for breakfast the night before on our stateroom door handle and indicated time for delivery.  Pastries, juice, cereal, milk, coffee, and fruit arrived.  This was actually breakfast part 1, but was enough sustenance to get our family through until we had breakfast part 2 at Enchanted Garden.
  • I left the stateroom about 8:30 am and headed for the Lobby Atrium.  I started the line at the middle column and within seconds someone was behind me.
  • The husband and the boy were finishing getting dressed and ready while I waited in line.  I think the camera and autograph book tipped other guests off that I was waiting in line.  The husband and the boy soon joined me.  The line was forming fast!

While the ship’s photographers set up their stations and cameras, other Cast Members readied the Lobby Atrium.  Soon, the music roared and the Princesses appeared on Deck 4, waving regally to their subjects waiting below.

There was much character interaction during this princess palooza and well worth our wait.

As soon as we met each of the 5 Princesses at the Gathering, we were off to breakfast, part 2, at Enchanted Garden.  Ah, the life on the high seas!

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