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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Every Walt Disney World Vacation A Little Rain Must Fall

In a previous post I espoused the importance of ponchos and rain gear during a Walt Disney World vacation—click here to read more.

Us in an almost empty Magic Kingdom after rain.

Since a little rain must fall in most Walt Disney World vacations, it may be valuable to have a game plan should your plans get rained on or out. We could call it a rain plan!

A rain plan could fall into a couple of categories. . . having rain gear or not having rain gear.

Let’s start with having rain gear. If you have read the post about the ponchos, then you have planned accordingly and are prepared for the almost daily afternoon showers the Floridians enjoy and have ponchos, rain gear, and/or umbrellas in the bag you are carrying while at the parks. So, when the rain does inevitably fall, you are prepared. The plan then is to keep touring! You may take in more indoor attractions such as the shows or almost any attraction in EPCOT and save Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for later, but you keep going! You might look for attractions with covered queues such as Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s a Small World, but you keep going!

You may even find that you get to more shows and attractions because of the rain, as those who do not come prepared will seek cover and not keep touring. Stories abound about often coveted dining reservations at, say, Cinderella’s Royal Table, sometimes becoming available due to cancelations because of rain.

Very few guests out and about after the rain at the Magic Kingdom--
and more leaving than coming in!

So, if you find yourself in a near deserted park due to the weather, it may be a great time to try for those hard to get Advanced Dining Reservations or openings at various table restaurants.

We have toured in the rain—as you could have guessed. We enjoy the parks and attractions no matter the weather and have taken advantage of near empty parks.

The second category would be for those not prepared for the weather with rain gear. The rain plan would then be to either get supplies quickly or head for cover—in a car, a shop or any shelter, or at your resort. One might do this, too, if the weather becomes extreme.

One time, we did head back to our resort, but didn’t go to our room. Instead, we headed to the main building and spent time looking in the resort shop, playing in the arcade, and hanging out at the food court. It was much more spacious than our room and had more to do! When the weather did let up a bit, we dried off and headed back to the parks!

Another fun thing to do at the Walt Disney World Resort in the rain is swim. Yeah, that’s right, swim. As long as there is no lightening in the vicinity, which will actually close the pools and water parks, it is safe to swim. We enjoyed swimming in two resort pools on a rainy day. We were getting wet anyway!

Some folks head to Downtown Disney during inclement weather for a movie at the giant AMC theater or to whittle away the hours at Disney Quest—a multi-story virtual amusement park.

So, when a little rain does fall on your vacation plans, have a rain plan! In the meantime, look for those 88 cent ponchos at Wal-Mart!

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