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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Bloga-birtha-versary!

It’s our 1 year bloga-birtha-versary! Yep, I made up that word. . bloga-birtha-versary. The word somehow commemorates that the Williams Family Blog began one year ago today with the very first post. Click here to read the very first post.

Oh, you’re back, and so quickly. That first post was a short one. I was still trying to figure out some of the basics of blogspot. Eventually, maneuvering the mechanics became easier.

Topics to write about, well that was somewhat easy, too. I write about what I love. . . my family and Disney. Out of 344 posts, not quite one per day, but close, I would have to say that each post is either about the Williams Family or Disney or, my favorite: Both!

There’s the post that describes the birth of the Williams Family Blog—click here to read—and how the idea of a blog came to be. What you see now, isn’t what the original idea was meant to be, but, sometimes ideas grow and change.

Because of the Williams Family Blog, we are more observant, more watchful of how ordinary events on ordinary days can be incredible memories. We have learned to take more photos and videos to capture events.

We are grateful for our readers and their comments, as they have inspired us to write more, to share more.

Speaking of readers, there had been 19,716 hits on the blog as I began to compose this post. Our readership has expanded dramatically over the past 3 months, with near 4,000 hits a month.

There have been some controversial posts. The Keosauqua pool review comes to mind—click here to read that post.

Our love for Disney began in November 2006 with our very first trip as a family and almost 5 years later, our quest for Disney travel hasn’t wavered. We now have 7 trips to Walt Disney World, 3 Disney Cruises, and 1 Adventures By Disney Tour under our Disney travel belts. Yes, more are on the horizon and will be shared with you through our blog.

“Clink.” Here’s to year one and many more! Here, here! Happy Bloga-birtha-versary!

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