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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disney Rocks! At Hollywood Studios

It seems that if you hang out in the courtyard in front of the large Sorcerer Mickey hat in Hollywood Studios, you would get in on a lot of action. . . characters, shows, block parties, etc. And, during our last trip to Hollywood Studios, after meeting the characters in the center court, we stayed for the new show, Disney Rocks. Disney Rocks had replaced High School Musical 3 just a few weeks prior to our visit.

We stayed on one side of the courtyard for a few minutes prior to the show. We knew to do this, as when the ropes go up, you can’t even get to the courtyard from Hollywood Boulevard. When the ropes went up inside the courtyard, we were asked to stay behind the rope. No problem.

Soon we heard the mobile show. The show comes down Hollywood Boulevard and enters the courtyard, makes a turn and voila, the show is ready to begin.

After the first song, the guides bring the ropes to the center and guests follow.  We were front and center.

The music is contagious and you can’t help clapping, swaying, and singing along if you know the words.

At one point, the kids are invited to join.  Our not so shy boy eagerly joined to show his cool moves.  You can see in the progression of pictures that he quickly finds someone to dance with and is then joined by one of the cast.

The show ends with a bang of streamers shooting into the sky. Amazingly enough, these streamers are either snagged up by kids who want to a few moments to play in them, or swept up by cast members. The only remnants that remain when the show is over and makes another turn to move back down Hollywood Boulevard are the echoes of the music and smiles.

We were able to capture a bit of Disney Rocks! on video. Enjoy!

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