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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We're Checked In At Our Resort!

We're checked in at our resort!  I know, I know, we haven't even left yet and there are still a few more days before we go, so how could we have already checked in at our resort?

Well, if you are a guest staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can check in on-line up to ten days prior to your arrival.  It's easy. . . an e-mail, a password, a confirmation number, and a credit card to secure your account (you only use it if you charge to your room using your Key to The World Card), and you are all set.  Once you are through the process, you can print out the itinerary and one will be e-mailed to you, too.

The on-line check in service began about 18 months ago or so.  I remember it was available prior to our March 2009 trip.  When we stepped off the Magical Express and into the lobby of our resort, there was quite a long line for check-in.  Then there was a separate line for guests who had checked in on-line--which was much shorter, only 1 other person in front of us.  We breezed past the guests in the other line and received our materials and information quickly.  Think of it as a Fastpass at your resort.  The other guests waiting were sort of baffled, but there was a sign indicating a queue for the on-line check in. 

I also remember saying something to the people behind us on the plane last March, as they were headed to Orlando for their very first trip.  I asked if they had already checked in on-line.  Nope.  But they got out their mobile device--Airtran has wi-fi service throughout their flights--and within minutes they were checked in prior to their arrival.

Here's the web-site: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/myVacation/index?id=MyVacationIndexPage&CMP=ILC-VCAChecklistWDWToWDW-FY10@1004

You can even order free customized maps at that web-address!

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