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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vinylmation. . . I Don't Get It

Will someone please explain vinylmation, specifically how to trade vinylmation?

I just don’t get it. I get pin trading. They are easy to transport—no carrying. You can see if someone has pins upon approaching and then you can determine if they are willing to make a trade. And, Cast Members get in on the pin trading.

Vinylmation—how do you carry them? How do you know if someone else has them and wants to trade? I envision side of the mouth, somewhat solicitous questions like, “Hey, ya got any vinylmation?” I am also envisioning a vest with small clear pockets on the inside to carry one’s vinylmation to the parks for trading. Now, imagine that vest opening to reveal all the vinylmation. Yeh, makes me smile, too.

Do Cast Members carry vinylmation around to trade, too?

For those of you wondering what vinylmation is, they are these varying in size vinyl creatures in the shape of Mickey Mouse that are then decorated. I’m guessing the trading happens with the little vinylmation characters.

I have seen larger vinylmation “statues?” used to collect character autographs. That I get.

On our last trip, we ran into a mom and daughter family at the airport. They were set for a week’s stay and asked us about trading vinylmation. I should have probed more, as I still don’t get it.

We saw lots of vinylmation on sale at every park and resort store. I didn’t see any vinylmation trading.  If it is about collecting--to hoard and store--then I get it.  It is the trading part that boggles my mind, as I just don't get the logistics.

There’s even a web-site dedicated to vinylmation: www.vinylmation.net Hmm. . .

Will someone please explain vinylmation to me?

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  1. This video will explain it