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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrating The Boy's Birthday at Walt Disney World

Even thought the boy’s birthday was a few days prior, we still celebrated while on our November trip to Walt Disney World.

He received the requisite “It’s My Birthday” button upon check in at our resort—Port Orleans Riverside.

He wore the button daily and was wished a “Happy Birthday” too many times to count each day. One day, I forgot the button and we were steps outside our room and headed to the bus stop when I was reminded that he didn’t have his birthday button. Reverse. We went back to retrieve the button so he could wear it proudly. He was also concerned that on fast rides, the button might come off. We reassured him several times that the button would stay on. . . we were right.

So, what might happen when a young boy wears his birthday button at the Walt Disney World Resort?

Several things, and very similar to what happened when his dad wore his birthday button—click here to read more.

In addition to being wished a happy birthday a plethora of times, the boy was often selected to carry the black corded “timing” device from the beginning of a queue to the beginning of the attraction. That happened a lot this trip and I finally got it, when the Cast Member said, “we’ll let the birthday boy carry this.” Another comment we got when handed the timing device was “you look like you’ve been here before.” So true!

Then there are the grander birthday wishes, such as when Pluto joins you at Chef Mickey’s to help you blow out the candle on your birthday cupcake and gives you birthday wishes.

Or when the wait staff at Rose and Crown sing “Happy Birthday” to you and present you with a wonderful dessert.

Or when the wait staff at Chefs de France sing “Happy Birthday” in French and present you with a dessert.

Disney knows how to celebrate, that’s for sure!  Now, the husband and the boy have each celebrated a birthday at Disney twice! 

Disney has changed it's theme for 2011.  For two years, the theme was about celebrating. . . "Celebrate You" and "What will you celebrate?"  The new theme is "Let the Memories Begin."  For us, our memories, especially our Disney memories, have already begun!

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