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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! And I've Got Post Vacation Blues

Happy Birthday to Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Today is the day. November 18! They are both 82 years young today. When we met them both this last trip we were sure to give them an early birthday wish. We even saw one family surprise them with gifts. How generous!

And, I’ve got the post Disney vacation blues. Take a combination of 15 hour days, lots of excitement and anticipation and combine it with going back to work mid-week and you get the post vacation let down that comes with each vacation. Even though we know we will be going back!

I have also noticed that it takes a day or two for me to get over any grumpies the vacation brought on. I compose lists of pet peeves we experienced while traveling to/from/and in the most magical place on earth. Yep, there are some not so magical moments.

Here are my pet peeves, the things that bug me, the not so magical moments:

• The car we saw pulling into the airport that had its flashers on and was trying to back up on the expressway because it had pulled into the wrong lane. Good thing it was 4:20 am with minimal traffic. Good thing we used Magical Express.

• People stopping in the middle of a walk-way to check a map or mobile application to see where they needed to go next. This was especially evident at the Magic Kingdom. Move over, people! Let those that know where they are going have a chance to move, or better yet, follow us. We’ll get you there.

• When ‘OHANA lost our dining reservation and we were faced with a 3 hour wait time. We didn’t wait and I’m expecting a reply to an e-mail I sent to Guest Communication Services.

• Inebriated guests at the Food and Wine Festival.

• Hotels without shampoo.

• Resort voicemail systems that leave generic messages and take too much time to hear.

• Guests who ride the bus back to the resort on the first night and have no idea what bus stop to get off of and it is impossible to see in the dark. This happened 2 out of 4 nights on our bus ride home. One night, the bus driver simply asked if anyone on the bus knew which stop was for Magnolia Terrace. Yep, East stop, the East Stop. Tsk, Tsk, to the resort check-in desk for not explaining to people when they give them the map of the resort that guests will need to know the direction of their stop at Port Orleans Riverside—North, South, East, or West. I’m guessing it is because the people working the resort check-in have not ridden the bus route at night and have no clue that this additional information is needed.

We were very tired on Tuesday when we returned. The boy slept for 12 hours Tuesday night and 11 ½ hours on Wednesday night. We are slowly making our way back to our usual selves.

Next post—Magical Highlights!

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