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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, October 1, 2010

Monorails at the Walt Disney World Resort

Last week’s “Where in the World. . .?” photo poll elicited the most responses yet. The correct answer was that the photo was taken in the front of the monorail at the monorail station at the Magic Kingdom. While we have ridden in the front car of the monorail on several occasions, this special spot is no longer available due to a fatal monorail crash in July of 2009.

Even though we can no longer get the coveted front car seat, we enjoy riding the monorails when we visit the Walt Disney World Resort. And, we even try to see or ride all the monorails.

Do you know how many monorails there are at Walt Disney World? Well, right now, the answer is 11. There used to be 12, before the crash of the pink and purple monorails. After the crash, there were only 10 monorails. Disney then took the remaining parks of the pink and purple monorails to create the new teal monorail—making a fleet of 11.

Sometimes the monorails get special decorations on the outside. For example, if you were to travel to Walt Disney World right now, the “Express” monorails to the Magic Kingdom would have Halloween decorations on the outside. We have also seen the EPCOT monorails decorated to advertise Tron Legacy, which premiered last spring. Sometimes the monorails have decorations to match Disney’s current theme.

There are 3 monorail lines at the Walt Disney World Resort. One line is the Express Line. The monorails that are on the Express Line travel back and forth between the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) and the Magic Kingdom. No other stops. . . just back and forth.

A second line, which also serves the Magic Kingdom is the “Resort Line.” The monorails that travel the Resort Line make 5 stops around the Seven Seas Lagoon: Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort, TTC, Polynesian Resort, and the Grand Floridian—in that order.

The third monorail line is the EPCOT line. Monorails that serve the EPCOT line travel back and forth between the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) and EPCOT—no other stops. Traveling to EPCOT via monorail is special as the monorail glides over the gates and around Future World before stopping at the station just outside the gates of EPCOT. So, you get to see the park before getting off the monorail. Cool!

Here are the monorail colors so you can check them off as you travel the Walt Disney World Resort:

Red, Blue, Lime, Gold, Green, Coral, Yellow, Orange, Silver, Black, and Teal.

Did you see or ride all the monorails?

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