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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movin' Up to "Fish"

Yeah! The boy has graduated from “Minnow” to join the ranks of “Fish” in the YMCA Aquatics Program.

Water baby would have been one word to describe the boy since he has been in the water since he was six months old. Swimming with Dad and then some sessions of private lessons. Lessons is a loose word—more like privately guided water interactions.

Then came the official “Water Babies” sessions held at The Beach Ottumwa. Once the boy hit preschool, it was time for lessons at the YMCA. He flew through the preschool levels and was ready for the “Guppy” level as a kindergartener. Guppy, Minnow, and now Fish! We’re proud of his accomplishments. Will swim team be next? We’ll wait and see!

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