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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sail Away Party on Disney Cruise Line

The first day aboard a Disney ship is magical. . . and exciting. The “Sail Away” deck party captures all that excitement and jump starts your Disney Cruise Vacation.

We have experienced 3 “Sail Away” deck parties on our Disney Cruises. The party has had name changes along the way, but the party, characters, and energy have stayed the same.  Adventures Away is the current name of the Sail Away party.

The deck party takes place on decks 9 and 10 aboard the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. The Goofy pool has a moveable top that covers the pool to allow for more room for the deck party.

The Ariel Screen is an integral part of the party as displays of the ship’s bridge, announcements from crew members, and shots of the crowd are displayed on the big screen throughout the party.

The deck party is a chance to meet your crew including your cruise director. The entertainment staff hosts the party and you get to see the counselors for the kids programming, too.

Dancing and festivities swell to the big event, the push off from port and sailing away. You can feel the ship move and hear the horn of the ship. What’s that familiar tune?

The views from deck 9 and 10 during the party are incredible. You can see other ships at port. I bet there are more people on the other ships taking pictures of the Disney ship than the other way around.

We have experienced the deck party under sunny and cloudy skies, and trust me, the weather doesn’t matter. If it is cloudy, it is more incentive to head to the warm waters of your cruise destination. The only constant is the wind. The first time onboard, we were caught off guard by the wind. . . we just hadn’t expected it. Now we know it will most likely be windy and we plan accordingly. And, Disney has planned accordingly and the ship has many locations that block the wind for your comfort as a Disney Cruise Line guest.

Even after our first “Sail Away” party, the boy was singing and humming the “Celebrate good times. . .” song. That’s the impact of the energy and excitement of the “Sail Away” party. For us, the deck party on the first day aboard is a must do/see. We haven’t missed one yet and don’t plan to miss the “Sail Away” party on our next Disney cruise.

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  1. This Disney party is truly awesome. I bought this for my son for his 6th birthday which we celebrated at one of local party venues. He was really happy to have this book and enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing its review here.