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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's Summer Without Baseball?

One of the prizes from the Summer Reading Program at the local library was 2 tickets to the I Cubs game. So after securing the prize, the boy and his Uncle John took in the game. The I Cubs were playing the Seattle Rainiers and the Cubs sent the packing back to Seattle with their umbrellas turned upside down.

While this isn’t the first I-Cubs game the boy has attended, it is the first one he can remember. His first game was when he was 8 months old, again with his Uncle John. You see, Uncle John is a big I-Cubs fan. . . and a Hawkeye fan, and a Vikings fan. So if you were to ask the boy about his favorite teams, he would give you those exact same teams. And, he has some sort of clothing with those teams displayed given to him by. . . you guessed it! Uncle John!

By all accounts, they both enjoyed the game and Principal Park. Uncle John reported that they walked around “a lot” but that every time they sat in their seats the I-Cubs scored runs. Maybe the Williams Duo brought good luck to the team?

Somehow the boy convinced Uncle John to spring for a stuffed Cubbie bear and then the boy tried to convince the other kids in the store that this was the souvenir for them. Do we have a future in sales?

It wouldn’t have been a summer without a bit of baseball!

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