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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Do We Keep Going Back?

It just dawned on me that when we go back to Walt Disney World in a few months it will have been 4 years since our first trip. That means we will have taken 7 trips to Walt Disney World in 4 years. That's almost two visits a year. Excessive? Maybe. We do know people who have gone just as often or more often. For us, it's about right. If we could go more often, we would. So, we go as often as we are able. But it does beg the question, and believe me, we have been asked . . . Why do you keep going back?
The most obvious, and most difficult to describe answer is magic. Disney is magical! You really do leave the world behind and enter a world of fantasy, possibilities, and dreams. At Disney, dreams do come true and all it takes is hope, trust, and pixie dust. Don't we all want/need a bit of that?
Another answer is that we have grown to know and love the World. Once you learn it and figure it out, why go someplace new or different when you can get new and different each time you visit the World? We are talking about 47 square miles. The size of San Fransisco. Two Manhattans. Do people only visit those areas one time and call it good? Because Disney is ever evolving there is always something new to do. And, as the Disney experts say, you aren't going to fit it all in in one trip anyway.

Another reason is value. What, Disney means value? Yes, a Disney vacation can be quite economical compared to some other vacations. Nail a special deal or discount on accommodations and tickets, add in your food, and you are set. Built in entertainment, quality lodgings, excellent food selections, and free transportation to/from airport and hotel and around the resort. . . you are set. Add that up separately for any other vacation where you pay to get into each place you visit, add on restaurants, hotel, and transportation. You'll see. Disney is a value.

Disney is clean and efficient. Walt and colleagues coined the term Main Street Project which means that once you finish painting and refurbishing, you start again, from the beginning. Disney, unless something unusual is happening, is pristine. Efficient--need I say more.

Did I say magical? Oh, I think I did. Our family has had some of our best memories and stories together at Disney. We have watched our boy become more confident at Disney--riding rides by himself, giving directions to people who were lost, trying new foods, and planning parts of our days together. We know it is only a matter of time before he is going to want even more independence and we will deal with it. It is all part of the magical journey. . .
So here are the stats:
Since Nov. 2006, we have taken six trips to the World (our 7th is on the horizon), 3 Disney Cruises, and 1 Adventures By Disney tour.
During this time, we have also tried a non-Disney trip to Orlando with visits to Universal and Sea World, and an all inclusive resort in Cancun, just to compare to a cruise. What do we know? Disney stands above all the rest. Disney guests expect the best when the visit because Disney expects the best from themselves.
Trip 7, 8, 9, and beyond. . . Here we come!


  1. That first picture of your family is AMAZING with all the characters!!! I'm up with Will who had a belly ache, not out of sadness =). But came here to your blog for some late night fun! I love your families enthusiasm! Its an inspiration on every level! You know what I have learned most from losing my daughter? That people simply don't appreciate what they have, enough. And you and the boy and the husband really really do appreciate each other and life. And that is magical!

  2. Joe,
    You're words touched our hearts and will continue to resonate for us! You are in our thoughts as you and your family continue to heal.

    Hope Will feels better soon!