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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adventures By Disney--Day 6--Moab

Wow! We made it up and back on the trail to delicate arch in Arches National Park. (Click here to read about our hike.) Next we headed into the town of Moab for lunch and exploring. One thing you see in Moab is a greenish/blueish soil which is radioactive soil due to the uranium. So, we found it funny to find this sign in downtown Moab. For lunch, we went to Maxx's restaurant which had great pizza! Of course we purchased a Christmas tree ornament. It is hand painted.
After lunch and shopping, we went back to Red Cliffs Lodge for some time in in the pool. Aah! In the photo above you can see why the lodge is called Red Cliffs. The lodge itself sits on a bend in the Colorado River and the red cliffs are across the river and across the road from the lodge. It is as if the lodge is located in this little oasis.

For dinner, our guides took all the kids for dinner and a movie while the adults had reservations in the restaurant at Red Cliffs--dinner was on Disney!

Here is the husband enjoying a beverage on the outside dining deck of the restaurant at Red Cliffs. The Colorado River was beside us. We were enjoying a marvelous dinner for two with great food, great service, and a great view when almost on cue the sun went over the mountains and right in front of us spanning the Colorado River and the red cliffs was a double rainbow. I tried to capture it in the photo below. . .

Disney Magic? Possibly. Definitely mother nature at her finest!
We live in the midwest, so views and vistas such as these are not a part of our landscape. We still are in awe of the majesty of the area.
Anyway, we had a great dinner, enjoying each other's company and soon it was time to retrieve the boy from the festivities and call it a night. Hard to imagine, but we have an even bigger adventure in store for tomorrow!

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