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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 10, 2010

Adventures By Disney--Sedona Cowboys and Canyons Off Road Jeep Tour

After sleeping on the heavenly beds at the Amora Resort, we woke up rested and ready to go for the Cowboys and Canyons Off Road Jeep Tour. This was the second day of our Adventures By Disney tour.

We ate breakfast at the resort and gathered to watch the parade of red jeeps pulling into the resort, each driven by a cowboy. Each family was assigned to a jeep, we got the first jeep driven by Taz.
We brought cowboy gear with us for the occasion and the cowboys agreed to pose for the photo below. Taz is one the front with the white shirt and black hat.

Once we loaded into the jeeps, we were off on our adventure, on road at first. Then off road! And I mean off road! We stopped in Box Canyon to take photos before forging on to the Van Deran cabin.

The husband had an unfortunate encounter with a cactus!
Just kidding. . . he's just showing his acting skills.

When we arrived at the Van Deran cabin we were told the story of the settler and his need to find a wife by one of the cowboys as we toured the cabin. I'm not sure I could have lived like that! On our way back to the jeeps we each got a "pin" to represent our adventure for the day. Our day was far from over. We hadn't even had lunch yet. Speaking of lunch, we rode the jeeps back into Sedona to a museum for lunch. More on that later. . .
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Sedona offers many different jeep tours. . . pink jeeps, yellow jeeps, green jeeps, and red jeeps. . . each belonging to a different tour company. In order to be a provider to Disney, the company has to apply and continue to apply to maintain their contract. Only the top providers are considered for service by Disney.
Tips and Hints:
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Hang on tight!
  • Enjoy the ride. We started to cheer in unison in the jeep whenever we had "air time.
  • Bring your own cowboy gear for the occasion if possible. The cowboys directing the tour were impressed with our little cowboy and said they had never had anyone dress-up before.

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