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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Magic Photos

Just when you thought well, Disney can do it all, they come up with something new, something surprising, and . . . magical. Magic photos! Magic photos are taken by your friendly PHOTOPASS photographer at various sites around the Walt Disney World Resort. Click here to read more about Disney's PHOTOPASS service. Since we tend to stalk PHOTOPASS photographers, we have been captured in a few magic photos!

You can take on Captain Hook in a magic photo just outside Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom.
Baby Simba can be "magically," OK, digitally be added to your photos at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Mickey was found playing with the boy near the fountain on Hollywood Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Tinkerbell can appear in your magic photos at the Magic Kingdom, and we have had her appear at EPCOT just inside the turn styles of the main entrance.

That rascal alien STITCH magically appears in your photos at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Remember there is a bit of acting required to get these photos to have the most magic. Acting. . . not a stretch for the Williams Family! Your PHOTOPASS photographer can help you and if you want a magic photo, just ask if that is something that photographer can do. Magic photos can add a bit of variety to the typical park icon poses and photos. So get creative and say, "Cheese!"

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