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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We Saw Three Ships a Sailin' On New Year's Day. . .

We saw three ships a sailin' on New Year's Day, on New Year's Day.  Well, actually we saw two ships and we were standing on the third. . . all Disney ships. 

While we were docked at Castaway Cay around 4:00 pm, the Captain made an announcement on the ship that the Disney Dream and Disney Magic were just of the starboard side of the ship taking a look at the island.  In the photo above, the Dream is on the left and the Magic on the right. 

We went to Deck 4 to see what was going on and many of the crew had gathered and were taking pictures.  There was some "horn play" while we were in port.  The Disney Fantasy has upgraded their horns and added another tune--"Let It Go" to the horn repertoire.  The Fantasy was already scheduled to play the horns upon leaving the island.  All aboard time was 4:45 so we knew the horns would play shortly after.

At 4:30, we headed to the Lobby Atrium for the early "Sea You Real Soon" celebration featuring Disney characters.  This event is offered again later on the last night.  By 5:00 we had greeted more characters and captured photos. 

Then, we headed back outside on Deck 4.  We found more crew, and the ships were getting closer together, all headed west to the sunset.  I kept expecting to see a helicopter capturing promotional video!

The Disney Fantasy dropped a rescue boat with suited and helmeted crew.  The boat then whizzed around the other ships taking pictures.  By this time, the Disney Magic was in the middle of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  We could see the camera flashes from the Disney Magic.  I felt bad for the guests on the Magic as they could only see one ship at a time on either side.  The rescue boat even captured photos of our ship and guests with their cameras ready.  The bonus was that all ships could hear the Fantasy's horns.

We knew we were witnessing something special when the crew kept coming, taking photos, and making mention that it was unusual for there to be three ships.  We were so glad we were there!

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