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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, August 31, 2015

Disneyland Dining--The Plaza Inn

Sitting at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. before the turn into Tomorrowland, is the Plaza Inn, an iconic Disneyland restaurant.  Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily via buffet, guests can fill up and recharge.

We ate breakfast at the Plaza Inn aptly named “Minnie and Friends—Breakfast in the Park” on our very first day at Disneyland.

The park opened at 7:00 am for Extra Magic Hours—if you were a guest staying at one of the three on-site Resorts, or Magic Morning—if you were a guest staying at a “good neighbor hotel” and had a park ticket featuring Magic Morning.  And, we were there at rope drop and hit the park running.  By 8:40 am, the time of our reservation, we were ready for some sustenance.

We checked in at the podium outside of the restaurant with name and confirmation number in hand.  Good thing we had a reservation, as there were several guests waiting in line for an opening.  

The photo taken by the Photopass photographer.
Soon we were being called and were directed to get our photo taken by the Photopass photographer.  Guests who have purchased Photopass + get the print photo package along with having the photos digitally added to their Photopass account.  Otherwise, the print package is about $33.

We were then given a short tour of the restaurant and directed to our table, which was outside on the covered patio.  Note that the majority of the seating at the Plaza Inn is outside either covered or uncovered.  For us, our table was in a great location.  A family was seated at the table right beside us and they requested to move.  Hopefully, not because of us!

At breakfast there was a made to order eggs/omelet station along with many other offerings hot and cold.  My family is funny about how each of us approach a buffet.  The boy and husband dive right.  I on the other hand, take a closer look at all of the offerings and then make my selections.  So when I return to the table they are looking at my plate as if I went to a different restaurant.  They either return to get what I got or take samples from my plate.  A familiar question is “Where did you find that?” 

Characters and buffets make for some interesting timing and we know that.  So when we were seated, I stayed at the table to keep track of any characters that might be stopping by.  The boy came back with his plate just in time to meet the first character that came to our table.  I had already secured the autograph before the boy returned.  Whew!

When the husband has his plate and is ready to take over the camera and autograph book, I then go to the buffet.  We trade on/off throughout the meal for anyone who wants to make a return trip to the buffet or the bathroom.

Max--Goofy's son
Speaking of the bathroom, guests needing to use the facilities at the Plaza Inn have to leave the restaurant and use the restrooms just outside to the right on the way to Tomorrowland.   This was one of two “cons” we experienced while dining here. 

The other con was that Cast Members will not tell you how many characters will be greeting guests.  When I asked two different Cast Members I got answers like “several” or “5 or 6”.  The real answer is more like 11 and I think we met 10.  I then inquired as to why not tell us the straight answer.  Response:  “The characters change frequently and we don’t want guests feeling like they have to wait for all of them and can go when they are finished eating.” 

The characters were plentiful at Minnie’s breakfast.  We did keep waiting to see Minnie and she was the last character that we waited on to come to our table.

The cost of the breakfast is reasonable although we used one of our “Regular Character Dining Vouchers” to pay which included tax and gratuity. 

Fairy Godmother
I also talked the ladies at the table behind us into purchasing Photopass + as the Cast Member peddling the photo print package was trying to but wasn’t closing the deal.  I couldn’t help it and chimed in.  The Cast Member thanked me for helping her.  No problem!

When we were deciding on dining for our upcoming Walt Disney World trip, the boy chimed in about how this was the best character meal.  We heartily agree.  And, the food was good too!

Suzy--one of Cinderella's mice.

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