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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Will This Be A Better Way To Pack Toiletries?

I succumbed and purchased a product from HSN.  My hope was that Joy Mangano’s Better Beauty Bag would keep me from packing my toiletries in plastic bags which was touted as blasphemous during the product display. 

The products arrived yesterday—two Better Beauty Bags an XL and medium and the mini steamer.  The husband was excited about the steamer.  Who knew?

I immediately started filling the zippered pockets of the bags.  The XL bag held full size bottles of hair products, toothpaste, contact solution, body lotion, deodorant, etc.  Soon, I had it filled to the brim.  Now where to fit it in the suitcase?

Our new duffle bag had a large compartment on the top and the beauty bag fit the space perfectly.  Voila! 

The verdict is still out on these products until I road test them some more.  But here is an initial assessment—the bag is large when folded up and secured.  If we didn’t have that compartment in the duffle bag, packing this item would not be easy and because most of the products are “liquids” it does need to be packed in a checked bag rather than carry on bag.  My plastic bags—gallon size-- could be somewhat flattened and packed on top of whatever clothing was already in the suitcase.  Yes, there were numerous plastic bags, but it seems as if they didn’t take up as much space.  And, I had a bag for each need—a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash bag, a hair care bag, a contact/glasses bag, and a shower bag with sponge, body wash, face scrub, shampoo if needed, and a razor.  I could just take out the plastic bag that I needed.  I can do the same--removing the needed zippered pouch via velcro--with the better beauty bag and I guess I could not fold it up, but leave it flat and put it in the suitcase that way.  It was just that I couldn't fit all of the same category of needed items into one compartment of the better beauty bag.  My plastic bags that I reuse have more flexibility when it comes to space.  The better beauty bag lists "padding" as one of its benefits, which of course, the plastic bags do not offer.  

If we weren't packing full size products, the medium sized better beauty bag would do the trick.  But with the number of days we are traveling and the number of people using the products, full size products were needed. 

The steamer is not going with us on our trip—there is no need.  But am excited to give it a try at home.  As I was ironing an outfit with beaded trim, prior to the arrival of the steamer, I realized how convenient the steamer would be.

I ordered the white version, which is no longer available.  I really wanted red but that was not a choice.  I first stopped at Ebates.com, so that I could shop and earn cash back, and discovered a 20% code for HSN that helped to reduce the price. 

Oh, and the plastic bags.  Well, I packed some empty ones. . . just in case.

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