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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quicksilver. . . To The Rescue!

I laughed out loud when I read a post on the message boards about an engaged couple deciding on whether or not to fly or drive 18 hours to get to Walt Disney World and wondering if they would still want to get married after the drive to and from.  After an 18 hour drive the question for us would be, “Who is filing for divorce first?”

I jest a bit, but not much.  The reason we fly—and subsequently let Disney do the driving—is that we want to stay married.  The husband and I each bring a different skill set to the driver’s seat and his skill set is not meant for long distance driving into unknown territory on multi-lane highways.  This means I would either be driving or directing the driver. . . so instead, we fly!

And, while flying offers all sorts of advantages—convenience, timeliness, etc. it can also offer challenges such as how do we get somewhere at our destination that requires transportation.  You see with Disney, we don’t worry. . . Disney’s Magical Express efficiently transports us from Orlando International Airport to our Disney Resort and back again—for FREE!  While at the Walt Disney World Resort, we rely on fleets of buses and boats to whisk us from place to place along with the monorail.  But on our upcoming vacation, we are venturing away from Disney for just a bit and will need transportation.

The dilemma became how to get from the Hyatt at Orlando International to Universal Orlando Resort and back again.  A rental car was immediately nixed . . . due to the who is going to drive thing.  So, we were left with a cab or some sort of car service.

I checked the Taxi Cab Fare Finder website which allows you to enter your city and then the destinations you are traveling to and from for rates.  The range of $40 to $70 one-way for the almost 15 mile jaunt, depending on amount of traffic and tolls and of course, a tip would be in addition to the fare.  The PROS of a cab were that it was going to be easy to get a cab at the Hyatt at the airport and we could come and go when we were ready—very flexible.  The CONS of a cab was that we wouldn’t know the amount of the ride until the ride was over so there was no way to budget.

I also checked Quicksilver Tours website for their fares from the airport to Universal for a town car.  The rate was $125 round trip plus gratuity.  PROS of using the service included knowing the rate up front for budget purposes.  CONS were that it was less flexible than a cab as pick up times had to be scheduled and it could potentially be more costly than a cab, but that was a gamble.

After searching, it was time to talk to the husband and make a decision.  When I mentioned getting a town car, he turned to me and said, “You’re going to drive, right?”  (See what I mean about the driving skill set?)  I replied, “No, honey, we will have a driver.”  He was sold!

Making a reservation on Quicksilver’s website was quick and easy.  I also mentioned that we were repeat customers—we used their service the last time we went to Universal—and got a $5 discount.  I also asked if there was some flexibility in the time we got picked up at Universal if the weather took a turn, etc.  I was told that if a car was available that would be fine, otherwise, we would stick with our pick-up time.  I programmed the number into my cell phone.

So, we will be traveling to and from Universal Orlando in style.  Our pick-up will be at the “motor lobby” of the Hyatt which is two levels below the registration lobby and accessible by elevator—no venturing to baggage claim or through the airport to get to our car.  The best part?  We will stay married!

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