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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What I "Get" Out of a Vacation

The boy was promised a new video game specifically for our trip (the game is at our house and will be presented to him the morning we leave) and the husband has ordered a new book (courtesy of a Barnes and Nobel gift card from Adventures by Disney), again, specifically to read during our upcoming vacation.  The husband pointed this out—the boy has a new game and he will have a new book—so, what will I have?

I gave a glib and flippant answer about watching people, flight times, schedules, etc. 

But the question and the answer got me thinking. . . I don’t escape or “exit” with a game or book while on vacation.  The vacation itself is an escape for me.

I enjoy skimming the Sky Mall catalog and airline magazine while on the plane—both things I would not normally read or look at.  I look at the airport layouts in the back pages of the airline magazine and find out about new flight destinations and services.  On the ship, I’ll read the Personal Navigators and other cruise information.  And, at the resort, I’ll read the information presented at check-in.

My mind is in “on” mode while traveling; navigating now and planning what’s next.  (The husband would assert that my mind is in “on” mode all the time, including when I am sleeping.)

One of my favorite movies is “Gosford Park” and one of my favorite lines from the movie is about the difference between a good servant and a great servant is the ability to anticipate; knowing what people will need before they know they need it.  I continue to develop the gift of anticipation.  My role, especially when traveling, is to be able to anticipate what will happen next and what my family will need.  Not worry about what will happen, but know what will happen—which allows for planning and preparation.  This is something I do in every day life, for example, the day a soccer tournament took us out of town.  I had checked the weather forecast and planned accordingly by packing umbrellas, towels, and a complete soccer uniform including cleats, socks, shin guards, jersey, shorts, even undies for the boy.  This all came in handy as the team got soaked during their second game and still had another game to play.  Other folks went to Wal-Mart to gather gear, but not us.  This anticipation, this planning, saved us time and money.  And, since anticipating is something I try to do every day, it is fun for me to try it out in different settings when on vacation. 

You know how Sheldon from Big Bang Theory picks out the best spot, his spot, on the couch.  Well, I try to find the “best” during our vacation.  The “best” or most efficient FastPass+ strategy, or best time for ADR’s, or best way to meet characters on the ship.  The mental challenge and planning/preparation opportunities I appreciate and I know my family appreciates what I do. (And, it's Disney so almost everything is efficient!)

So, while the husband is enjoying his book and the boy is enjoying his game, I am enjoying the strategizing for the next move and how to make whatever it is smooth (meaning not frustrating) and efficient.

You might be reading and thinking that I don’t enjoy my vacation.  Well, I do enjoy my vacation, very much!  I especially enjoy when all is flowing—there’s such a sense of wonder and accomplishment during those times.  And, if you see me on Toy Story Mania, for example, it is all pure enjoyment; pure fun!  

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