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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Update For Summer Vacation 2014!

An update for our grand summer 2014 adventure that includes a day at Universal Studios, 7 nights on the Disney Fantasy, and a week at Walt Disney World. . .

Our travel agent emailed yesterday informing us that our cruise documents have arrived.  Yippee!  She is waiting for the Walt Disney World paperwork and then all will be delivered.  This means our time is getting closer!

Packed umbrellas, ponchos, park bags, door decorations, the misting spray bottle with fan, and autograph items and pens.  Taking a white pillow case with fabric markers and an 8 X 10 photo matte with a 4 X 6 opening along with sharpies.  Oh, the stuff you need (and or want) while on vacation!

The other day the boy asked when we should start packing.  I told him we had already started.  He was fine with that answer.  The other thing he wanted to know was when I was going to get him his new game for his 3DS---I had promised him a new game just before the trip.  Yep, that’s when he will get it. . . just before the trip.  The new game is in my Amazon cart.

Feels like packing for this trip is easier. . . at least right now.  Maybe having items separated into bags by the “legs” of the trip is helping.

Still have items on the “to do” list including our Garden Grocer order, the boy’s tuxedo, securing lawn care, and the park tickets for Universal—we just have the Express Pass so far.  The list is dwindling though!


  1. I'm so excited for y'all!! A 7 day cruise AND a 7 day WDW visit plus a Universal visit sounds fantastic!!! Be sure and post LOTS of pictures and share your adventures!!

    1. Ashley,
      Will do! We will have lots of stories to share upon our return.