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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Little Bit of Disney Came to US!

A little bit of Disney came to us in the form of a puppet builder from The JIM HENSON Company & Puppet Heap NYC named David Valentine.

As part of a summer theater program, David invited children and adults to two different puppet workshops at a local events center.

The boy spent the morning enthralled with the puppets and made them come to life. 

David shared a secret. . . he said that most of the Muppets’ eyes are a bit cross-eyed.  I had never noticed that before, but sure enough, they are!

What a great opportunity!  And, we will never be able to watch the Muppets or visit their namesake attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios without thinking about this hands-on experience.

David actually built the puppet, Constantine, (the evil Kermit the Frog) in the latest Muppet movie Muppets Most Wanted.

Oh, and the husband’s favorite puppet—Yelmo—a yellow Elmo-like character.

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