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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quest For The Gold!

The truth came out. . . what the husband is most looking forward to during our upcoming summer vacation is receiving his Gold Castaway Club Lanyard when we check in for our Disney cruise at Port Canaveral.  Well, I’m sure there are other things he is looking forward to, but this one trumps all others. . . times 10!

Seems his quest to wear and show his cruising status will be fulfilled with the receiving of the gold lanyard, representing Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Club level.

All guests sailing with Disney automatically become part of the Castaway Club upon completing their first cruise and are considered Silver Level members.  The tiered system is based on the number of Disney cruise sailings.

Here are the perks for each level:

We appreciate the perks of the Castaway Club, though they are becoming fewer and fewer.  In the spring of 2012, Disney Cruise Line “flatlined” the on board credits for rebooking on board that were also included in the tiered system.  If you were a Gold Member and rebooked your next cruise, your on board credit from Disney was more than a Silver Castaway Club member rebooking their cruise.  Then, earlier this year, Disney Cruise Line “adjusted” the rebooking benefits and added “blackout” dates in which discounts did not apply and extended on board credits to cruises of certain lengths, etc. 

We know they are a business and businesses have to make financial decisions.  Though, Disney Cruise Line also has the most repeat cruiser business in the industry.  With the changes in rebooking policies, that may no longer be the case.

Meanwhile, we are counting down the days until our next Disney cruise and when the husband will receive his coveted symbol—the gold lanyard.  For me, the MagicBand will do the trick, and it will arrive BEFORE our trip!

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