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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Changes to Walt Disney World's FastPass + System

As of yesterday, Walt Disney World Resort made changes to the FastPass+ selection process.  Now, guests may make 3 FastPass+ selections for a park (this part is the same) but once those FastPass+ are used, guests make select another FastPass+ using the kiosks in the parks (this is the new part).  Additional FastPass+ selections are available, once the guest's current FastPass+ have either been used or are past the return time if the FastPass+ went unused.

Also, selecting FastPass+ for an additional park for guests with Park Hopper option added to their base tickets has been added.  Unsure at this time whether or not the guest actually has to "hop" to the other park and then make their FastPass+ selections OR if guests can pre-select FastPass+ prior to park hopping.  Word is still out on this one.

Back to the option of selecting more FastPass+ throughout the day after one's FastPass+ have been used or the return time has passed. . .  This idea is going to change how we select FastPass+.  Our thinking before was to rely on early morning entry--AM Extra Magic Hours--and get the most out of smaller crowds and stack our FastPass+ for later in the day.  But now, I'm thinking we can make FastPass+ selections for later in the morning and afternoon, and then get more!

The only downside to this is for guests who want to use their FastPass+ selections for evening parade viewing and/or reserved viewing for Wishes.  For those guests, they are either going to have to pre-select that FastPass+ knowing that after they use their FastPass+ they won't be able to get more OR hope that a FastPass+ remains available for Wishes and/or parade viewing later in the day after they have used all of their FastPass+ selections.  Unless. . . Disney categories a FastPass+ for Wishes and/or the parade as a separate type of FastPass+--similar to how a legacy Fastpass to meet Mickey and Minnie at Town Square Theater didn't keep you from getting other legacy Fastpasses throughout the day.  Time will tell on this one. 

Our plan though is to visit Magic Kingdom at least once, later in the day, after visiting a water park for example, and have our FastPass+ selections already made for that evening and include reserved viewing for Wishes. 

What I find humorous is that we bumped into Disney guests that either didn't know how to use the legacy Fastpass system or didn't want to--and it was easy!  And, now, guests get to navigate FastPass+.  I am excited to give FastPass+ a try!

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