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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Helping Others Plan and Prepare For Their Disney Vacations

It is fun to be surrounded by people who are about to enjoy a Disney vacation, are planning a Disney vacation, or have just returned from a Disney vacation. 

A friend and colleague is getting ready to fly to the most magical place on earth in the next two weeks.  The trip will be a surprise for two young children.  It is sure to be a magical experience for their family.  My role:  to listen as the plans get processed and finalized as this is not their first trip and to answer any questions that pop up quickly—via email, in person, phone, or text. 

Another colleague is planning their family’s first Disney vacation and are planning to drive to Orlando this summer and stay off property, just “outside the gates” and have a 4 day adventure planned.  My role:  communication, knowledge, and support.   While they have their dates, lodging, and transportation planned,  it was important to understand the enormity of Walt Disney World, what each of the four theme parks has to offer their family, the time it will take to go from their hotel to the theme park of their choosing, and how to best navigate the crowds over the July 4 holiday.  I am anticipating more questions as they move forward with their planning.

The initial email asking for assistance indicated they had heard I was the queen of Disney.  I disagree;  I’m not the queen, but I am okay to be considered a princess!

Just yesterday, I bumped into friends who had just returned from a Disney Cruise Line vacation.  Prior to their cruise, I got a phone call with questions about staying at the Hyatt at Orlando International Airport prior to sailing—click here to read more.  It was great to hear their report that staying at the Hyatt was smooth sailing, so-to-speak.  I asked if they re-booked on board.  “No,” but they did think about it.  Seems that they are thinking about their next Disney move—which may include a multi-generation family visit in the fall.  But I was also hearing that they are ready for “something else” but couldn’t quite put their finger on it.  I filled in the blank for them. . . “You’re ready for an Adventures by Disney tour.”  The eyes lit up, then a nod, followed by asking if we had done that.  “Yes!”  My role:  answer the phone and the questions about the various Adventures by Disney tours that their family might enjoy. 

It makes me happy to help these folks, even after their vacation.  Even now as I type these stories, I am smiling.  The husband just shakes his head at me and rubs his fingers together, you know the motion indicating money in your hand.  For me, it brings me joy and pleasure to know that other families can have a magical Disney vacation.  I’m just happy to help!

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