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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Post Disney Trip "To Do" List

There are plenty of pre-trip lists for packing, what to do before you go, etc.  There are even lists while on vacation. . . must do and see lists, touring plans, etc.  But there are no post trip lists anywhere!  I need one.  I need a list of all the things to do once you get home from a magical Disney vacation.  And since such a list does not exist, I am making one.

The Once You Get Home From Walt Disney World To Do List:

Unpack.  95% of our suitcases are emptied and unpacked.  The other 5% stays in the suitcases for the next trip to Disney.  And, there are still shoes in one bag.  Either we are having our own “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode—you know the one where the suitcase stays on the stairs for days and days—or we just haven’t needed the shoes yet.

Laundry.  The husband got right on this one and had 2/3 of it done.  Now, I am slowly catching up.  Did I say slowly?  Thanks, honey, for getting right on this one!  A quest for clean undies can be quite motivating.

Edit and order Photopass:  While the husband was doing laundry, I got right on this one.  I quickly edited our 980 photos and promptly ordered the CD.  (I can edit the photos from the CD by just changing the properties from read only—so there will most likely be more editing once the photo CD’s arrive.)

Return phone calls.  Our phone seldom rings, but we had several phone messages upon our return.  We have responded to all messages.

Call the pet sitter.  This was one of our first phone calls when we got home.  She had already left us a note but we wanted to let her know we had made it home.  And, she penciled us in for next summer!

Pay the lawn service.  Done.  Not only did we need this while we were gone, but our lawn mower broke just prior to us leaving, so we asked the service to start sooner.  A new lawn mower has also been purchased.

Deliver souvenirs.  This has been started, just not completed.

Answer email surveys.  When we got home we had 5 surveys regarding our experiences at Walt Disney World, and we did one while we were there!  Lego store, Rainforest Café, T-Rex Café, Downtown Disney, and Hollywood Studios all wanted feedback.  They got it.  We were asked to complete a survey about EPCOT while touring.

Order photo prints and/or make photo book.  Neither of these have happened.  I am waiting on the Photopass CD, which has shipped.

Talk to travel agent and/or book next trip.  Did half of this one.  Called our travel agent to let her know how everything went and gave her our tentative plans for the next trip.

For a variety of reasons, our “recovery” from this trip is taking longer than others.  In part due to a “bug” that both the husband and I picked up, him earlier in our trip and me just as we were coming home.  And, as true Disney fans say, there is no sleeping at Disney!  Well, that is not exactly true, we did sleep, but there were some late nights and some early mornings.  Then there is the general “let down” after the adrenalin rush that comes with planning for and participating in a Disney vacation. 

I am so looking forward to sharing our adventures with you.  We made a list of potential posts on the plane ride home.  Some of which will have guest contributors—even the boy has agreed to generate a post about one of his favorite experiences.  Keep checking back for more adventures with the Williams Family!

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  1. I saw the husband at a community event recently...I asked him "what happened on your trip that was remarkable?" He said, "too many things to mention." I asked "does that mean, wait for the blog" He said, "basically." lol