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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Countdown For Our Magical Walt Disney World Vacation Continues!

You know that part of your Disney vacation countdown when you can start to check the long term weather forecast for Orlando as it now contains the days that you will be there?  Well, we are now at that point for our next magical Walt Disney World vacation!

Come on—you know you’ve done it—checked the long term weather that is.  Maybe for packing reasons, especially during those “iffy” seasons when it can be chilly at night and warm during the day or to see if umbrellas and ponchos will be needed.  Go head, admit it!  We will definitely need the umbrellas and ponchos for the afternoon showers and they are already packed in a carry-on bag.

Speaking of packing, we are well underway.  The boy is the easiest one to pack for and he is mostly done.  As for the husband and me, the shirts are packed, just need bottoms and all the rest.  Since we have an overnight stay prior to flying, our clothes for the next day and items needed for that night are in a separate suitcase.  Once that suitcase is empty, our dirty clothes will go in it and the suitcase will stay in our car while we are away.  That way, we don’t have to open all of our other bags during our overnight prior to flying.

The flights seem to be in good order.  I still need to call 24 hours prior to our flight to inquire about the upgrade that we have based on our frequent flier points.  After hearing about some flight delays and unplanned overnight stays that our friends just experienced, I am even more grateful for our direct flights.

A tip that we use is to have all of the important numbers such as hotels, airlines, travel agents, etc. programmed into our phone.  I even have Walt Disney World’s switchboard number programmed which came in handy the day the boy left his DS at Cape May Café at the Beach Club and we discovered it while on the bus to Magic Kingdom.  I called the switchboard and was patched through to the podium at Cape May Café.  After a bus ride back to the Beach Club, we recovered the DS and all was well.  I have our Disney resort number programmed, our airline, and the number for our hotel that we are staying at prior to flying.  Since we will be leaving our car at the hotel and relying on the airport shuttle, having the number handy helps when we call for the hotel shuttle when returning from our trip.

The last needed items on our shopping list have been purchased.  Tide sticks was the last item and they were acquired yesterday—with coupons!  These will get packed in our Quart size bag for liquids.

Each morning the number of days left before our trip is announced in the house.  Sometimes the boy will ask or double check.  All of us seem to be Disney dreaming!

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