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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Water Proof Digital Camera--Finally!

 We did it!  We finally got a water proof digital camera.  After months of deliberation, the Olympus Tough was the top winner and we took it out for a test drive.

We wanted to see how well it did on photos indoors.  The husband and Phoebe, our dog, posed for the photo above.  Not bad.

Then, it was time to take it outside.  Here are are some of the photos from a trip to our local pool:

Very clear, crisp, and bright, even after cropping.  That's what 14 megapixels will do!  There is even a zoom function.

Being a cheap, I mean frugal person, springing for the $100 plus dollars for the camera was a stretch, especially since we already have a new digital camera.  But here is how it happened. . . .

I was changing purses and cleaning them out.  There were various gift cards still in the pouch along with other important cards.  I decided to check balances and found $105 and change!  It was like Christmas!  We decided to use our remaining Amazon.com gift cards earned through Swagbucks towards the camera along with some of the balance on one of the gift cards.  So, the camera was basically FREE! (Click here to get started with Swagbucks.)

So far so good.  Charging was easy as was taking the SD card out of the camera to upload onto the computer.  Oh, speaking of the SD card, we purchased it was Target gift cards earned through a program in our county where you are rewarded for attending cultural events like concerts, plays, art showings, etc.  Many of the events were free.  This made the SD card FREE!  Did I tell you I was frugal?

I can't wait to take camera to other swimming pools, water parks, and eventually on our vacation!

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