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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Williams Family Blog Reader Experiences Some Disney Magic

A Williams Family Blog reader, Michael, experienced some Disney magic of his very own recently, and he gave me permission to share.

Michael purchased his mom a jacket while at Walt Disney World a few months ago while at Walt Disney World.  Turns out, the jacket was too big and his mom is about to experience her first trip to Walt Disney World in December and wanted to be able to wear the jacket.

Contact with Guest Services and internet searches were not paying off so Michael contacted me to see if I might look for the jacket during our next trip.  Specifically he told me that the shop on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom would be best.  

I had the image and was ready to look for the jacket.  Then, Michael emailed me and told me that Disney magic had struck.  A Cast Member had opened a box of jackets with the size his mother needed and phoned him to let him know.  While I haven’t heard yet, I am sure the jacket is on its way to Michael or his mom.  Congratulations, Michael, on finding the jacket!

This is another story in the category of “only at Disney” as only at Disney would there be a note or communication of some sort that if this type of jacket was found that this person wanted one and the specific size.  We have experienced this magical Disney service before as well like when the husband lost his hat and it was returned to us still intact with Disney pins still attached even without his name on the inside.  And, this is one of the many reasons we keep going back.

Have you experienced magical Disney service? 

1 comment:

  1. Jacket is on it's way should arrive any day now. My mom is so excited to go to Disney I cannot wait for her to have her first magical moment at Disney World. I better take tissue she might need it : ) Have a magical day everyone.