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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just Ordered Custom Photo Checks!

What do the following photos have in common?

Yes, our family is featured in each of them, and yes, they were all taken during our most recent Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World vacation. 

Since it was time to reorder checks for our personal account, I decided to order personalized photo checks and each of the above photos will be featured on a check in rotation.

Ordering on-line was easy!  I started at Ebates, so that I could earn cash back from my purchase.  You can do the same by clicking here. (Now is a great time to join Ebates. . . it’s free and you get to pick your joining bonus!)

I then found 4checks.com which offers a variety of discount codes and an opportunity to personalize your checks with photos.  And, you can earn 12.5% back into your Ebates account!

Just upload and edit your photos as they would appear on the checks.  The web-site was easy to navigate.

I was also able to include “Disney Fan” above the signature line when personalizing our checks as an added bit of fun.  Having personalized checks is just another way to show your affiliation.

How do you show you are a fan?


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