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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saving Money on Your Next Disney Cruise

Combine our love for Disney travel and passion for saving money and you’ve got an interesting dichotomy that makes for some creative thinking and planning.  This was evident yesterday evening.

I was volunteering at our local event center (another way we save money and still get to see shows) and as I was helping folks find their seats, I noticed a couple wearing Walt Disney World t-shirts.  They ended up sitting near my “station” of sorts, so I took a moment to compliment them on their shirts. 

They said they had been to Walt Disney World 11 times, some with children and grandchildren, and some not.  They said that the loved it there, even just with the two of them.  I gave them the number of days until our 10th trip.

At intermission, I was approached and asked where we had stayed.  Easy question, but it did take some thought and math:  Caribbean Beach—twice, Port Orleans Riverside—five times, Port Orleans French Quarter—once, Coronado Springs—once, and Coronado Springs again for our next trip.  Yep, that makes 10.

They told me that when they go with the grandkids, they stay at a value resort—All Star Movies, Music, and Pop Century, but when they travel as a couple, they stay at a moderate resort—Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans Riverside. 

I then told them we were cruising on the Dream for Christmas.  They shared that they sailed on the Dream in spring of 2011 for an anniversary trip; their first and only cruise.  I explained that we had already sailed on the Dream and this would be our 5th Disney Cruise.  It was then that I got the look. . . the “how do you afford that?” look.

I shared how we rebook our next cruise while sailing and get a discount.  I explained that we actually booked our upcoming cruise while sailing in July 2011.  “You can book that far out?”  was the question that came next.  Yes!  Definitely!  The prices are a bit less that far in advance as DCL wants to fill the ships and the sooner the better—and prices are a reflection of availability.  Add the lower price to a 10% discount, a larger on-board credit for your next cruise, and a requirement of half the typical deposit, and you’ve got yourself a deal.  All things this family didn’t know.

If the above deal is the cake, here comes the frosting!  We give our travel agent credit for the booking—right there on the ship when we make our arrangements.  Then, we get both the travel agency’s incentives for the cruise AND Disney Cruise Line’s incentives.  Gotta love that!

As an example, on our upcoming cruise, we will walk onboard with $100 onboard credit from DCL—a result of our reserving this cruise during our last one.  Then, we will have a photo package credit on our account from our travel agent.  Bonus!

We have managed to navigate and marry, so to speak, our desire for both money savings and Disney travel.  Contact your travel agent for specific offerings.

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