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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Registered On-Line for Our Disney Cruise Line Vacation

I stayed up late Sunday night sure did pay for it on Monday.  Why? You might ask.  Well, Monday was the 90 day mark prior to our cruise and as Silver Castaway Club Members we could register for our cruise and any excursions on Monday.  But, the on-line registration opens at midnight Eastern, so at 11:00 pm Central it was open to us.

Log In Screen

Logging on was easy.  Just needed a member name or email address, password, birthday, and reservation number of the cruise.  Since we have logged in before on Disney Cruise Line’s web-site, the information, other than the reservation number, was the same.  If you are logging in for the first time, you will be able to create an account with an email and password.

On-line Check-in Menu

After logging in, a menu page appeared.  I was able to work my way through the menu pages and complete the on-line registration process including adding activities.  While it says that we have no activities on our second day at Castaway Cay, we really do.  One option is to reserve two days’ of float/tube rental and bicycle rental at a savings, of course.  The two day rental only shows up on the activities list on the first day at Castaway Cay.

On-board activities reserved listed by day

As a part of the on-line registration, Passport information is also entered.  Having sailed with Disney before, all of our Passport numbers and expiration dates were already in the system and just appeared for confirmation.  It was great to be able to check the expiration dates.  We have had to change the boy’s Passport number and expiration date as he is on his second Passport since children’s only last 5 years and they cannot renew, but have to get a new one.

Emergency contact information for each guest is also included in the on-line registration.  We have a different emergency contact for each of us just in case one person isn’t available.  The information we had entered for previous cruises was pre-populated but we had a chance to change or update.

Another part of the on-line registration is to determine the type of payment that will be used for the on-board account.  A credit card can be entered at this time.  We selected cash and will be depositing cash into our on-board account.  You also get to determine who has privileges to make purchases or charges to the on board account.  The boy did not get those privileges.

Guests also enter pre/post cruise information.  Dates and times of flights are entered as a part of the reservation along with any post cruise information.  We were able to select “cruise to resort” as our choice using Disney transfers.  I actually had to go back and change the flight information as our flights had changed after I had entered the information.

What has changed in the on-line registration is that only one page is required for printing and signing—it used to be that the whole contract/agreement had to be printed and signed.  AND, if you are unable to print, just let a Cast Member know upon check-in and they can print the document that requires signatures from all in the traveling party.

I was able to register the boy for the Kids’ club as well.  His basic information—name, birthday, etc. displayed when I came to that section.  I got to add a nickname if needed, a password for checking in and out of the club, designate who was authorized to pick him up from the club, and agree that I would return the electronic wrist band the last night of the cruise or be charged.  While this means he is registered, it doesn’t mean we are done with the process.  When we arrive at the port we will head to the kids’ club check-in on the far right side of the port terminal.  Here he will receive his electronic wrist band that includes information about his emergency assembly station.  The wrist band stays on for the entire cruise.  If the bracelet wears out, we just get another one from the kids’ club location being sure to keep the electronic portion secure. 

It is at this point that parents of children 8-10 determine if their child will have the privilege of checking themselves in and out of the club.  The last cruise, we thought yes, but said no once we got to this point.  The ship was new to him.  This time, we are thinking yes and preparing for a yes once we arrive.  Once he hits 11 we don’t have a choice anymore so we might as well give it a try.  (I already have a magnetic marker board to put inside our stateroom door for messages as to where people are and there are the Wave phones.)

Scheduling Character phone calls is also part of the on-line registration.  We have one scheduled!  Guests may schedule up to two free calls.

Then there’s more information available:  driving directions, printable packing lists, and other information.  I also registered my cell phone to receive updates via text message.  A message came right away.  I wish it had a text message countdown.  Wouldn’t it be great to receive a message like “83 more days until your magical Disney Cruise Line vacation Williams Family”?  DCL, are you listening?

A first time Disney cruiser would be able to login 75 days prior to their paid in full cruise.  As we are Silver Castaway Club Members, our registration window opens at 90 days prior.  Gold Level Members get to register at 105 days prior to their paid in full cruise and Platinum Level at 120 days.

We are all registered for our next and 5th Disney cruise vacation—our last one as Silver Castaway Club Members.  When we get to cruise #6 we will be at the Gold Level.  And, of course, the husband is reaching for the ever elusive Platinum!

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