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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, August 9, 2012

American Airlines Offers Baggage Delivery Service

American Airlines is now charging for what Disney’s Magical Express does for free!  Just yesterday, American Airlines began offering a baggage delivery service for customers who checked bags at some 200 airports.  For an additional fee, beyond the cost of checking luggage, American Airlines will transport your luggage to your destination beginning with $29.95 for one bag and an additional $10 per bag up to 3 bags.  The price was $49.95 to deliver 3-5 bags at a destination.

While American Airlines may be trying to set themselves apart from other airline carriers, keeping Enterprise delivery drivers busy is another incentive for the service.  So, is American Airlines in bed with Enterprise?  Car rental, delivery service, and now luggage deliver service!

Would you pay for this service?  Say you were flying to Pebble Beach and checked your golf clubs with a checked luggage fee of course.  And, you didn’t want the hassle of toting your golf clubs to your hotel or wherever you are staying while you are in town, so you pay to have the golf clubs delivered to your favorite golf course.  So, you get to bypass baggage claim, if all of your other belongings were packed in a carry-on bag, and your golf clubs would be waiting for you at your designated course.  Not bad.

I would also say the value gets better with more bags.  Let’s pretend you are a family of five headed to a ski resort.  You’ve been able to secure a transfer from the airport to your resort, but don’t want the hassle of making sure your bags get to your lovely ski lodge.  For a mere $49.95 all of your bags could be delivered directly to the resort.  That, I might take advantage of.

But alas, Disney’s Magical Express gives me the service and for FREE!  That’s right, free!  When I check my bags at the airport prior to a flight to Walt Disney World, I place on the luggage tags mailed to me and wave good-bye to my luggage as the next time I will see them is in my Walt Disney World Resort room.  People look at me with starry eyes when I tell them this service exists and is free.  I think they have visions of by passing luggage claim—so true.  The same is true for Disney Cruise Line if you are flying and sailing the same day.

Did I mention that Disney’s Magical Express not only transports your luggage, but transports you, too!  Not always at the same time, as your luggage may arrive at your resort after you, but for the same fee, which is zero, you and your traveling companions get whisked away to your favorite Disney Resort.  It’s not a bus or motor coach, it’s Disney’s Magical Express Service.  And, they do all of the same on your return trip from your resort to the airport.  Does American Airlines offer a service to pick-up your bags and take them to the airport?  Nope!

I have nothing against American Airlines.  We have flown with then a few times and the boy would say they are his favorite airline.  And, I applaud their ingenuity to think about services for customers that other airlines haven’t considered yet.  It is just that Disney has been offering a similar, yet better service for many years now.  Disney’s Magical Express’ availability is often overlooked as the wonder that it is by guests.

The next time I am on board Disney’s Magical Express motor coach to my resort, a bit of gratitude will wash over me as I recall American Airline’s fee for what I am taking advantage of for free!


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