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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hotter Here Than At Disney!

I chose this photo on purpose.  It was taken during our trip to Walt Disney World last July.  We were a bit hot, but not melting.  You can see from the picture the perspiring was not out of the ordinary, but it didn’t stop our fun.

For the last several days, possibly week, I have been saying the following words to the husband:  “It is hotter here than at Disney.”  He keeps telling me that I keep saying that.  Yep.

We, like many others in the country are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures in the high 90’s or 100’s, heat advisories or warnings, and high heat indexes.

Weather.com has the capability of being personalized by the user or ability to have “favorites” set and on display each time the weather is checked.  I have three favorites—our hometown, Walt Disney World, and Nassau in the Bahamas (Castaway Cay wasn't recognized as a choice and I nicknamed it Paradise.)  Due to this settings feature, I am able to see at a glance the temperature at our home and at Walt Disney World. 

I just checked, and we are 12 degrees hotter, not factoring in the heat index.  And, it looks like the temps aren’t going anywhere but up for the next few days.

We have friends in Florida some visiting for a week and others for the entire month—they arrived just after Debby left the area.  They are experiencing more comfortable temperatures than we are—lucky ducks!

Anyway, our heat is making me less sympathetic to those who travel or who are about to travel to Disney and either worry or complain about the heat.  Maybe after experiencing the kind of temperatures we do at home makes us more ready to experience the heat of summer at Walt Disney World.

The husband says that he doesn’t mind the heat at Disney, because we are at DISNEY!  I guess he has a point.  If we are going to be hot, why not be hot in a great place, experiencing great things. 

Maybe we could just imagine being at Disney!

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