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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Counting Down Until Your Next Disney Vacation

You have booked your next Disney vacation and are now counting down the number of days until your trip.  Torture, right?  It doesn’t have to be.  Here are some ways to make the countdown to the magic, well, magical:

  • Keep track of the number of days until your trip via a calendar, paper chain, or electronic device that will keep track for you.  We do a little bit of all of them!
  • As your countdown hits milestones, celebrate with a special meal, Disney movie, or shopping trip for needed items for your vacation.  Hitting the 100 day mark is just as exciting as the 10 day mark.
  • Know what dates in your countdown mark important planning dates, such as 180 days to make ADR’s and 10 days to check in on-line at your resort.  The dates are a bit different if your next vacation is a Disney cruise, but the idea is the same.  Enjoy the details of your planning.
  • Include everyone in the planning by using guide books, internet resources, or friends who may have Disney expertise.  Just talking about your upcoming trip will build excitement and anticipation.

Scientists have now discovered that the feeling of anticipation is more pleasurable that surprise.  Duh!  Anticipation is part of the fun of a Disney vacation or any vacation for that matter.

Most of our family mealtimes involve some talk about an upcoming trip.  Last night for example, the boy ate a whole pork chop at dinner.  The husband then said, “Yep, he’s ready for the adult menu.”  This prompted a whole conversation about ordering from both the children’s and adult menu on the ship.  The boy was concerned as he wanted to eat duck and needed to know if it was included in the menu.  And, on the ship it’s fine, even for adults, to order from either menu. 

But since he will be 10 by the time we return to Walt Disney World, in the eyes of the mouse, he will be considered an adult.  This means no more kids menu at the counter service locations, as we will have the Disney Dining Plan.  He’s had enough bites of his Dad’s buffalo chicken sandwich, that he is ready for one of his own.  And, adults can have a side of apple slices, but not kids.  Bonus!

The point is that no matter how long the countdown is until your next trip, it can be enjoyable to click away the time anticipating for, planning, and talking about the upcoming trip. 

The boy caught me checking out a ride video of the newly refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad the other day on-line.  Busted!  But, it was part of the countdown!

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